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Wujiang is a list of friendly cities around the world!

  • Bourgoin Jallieu of France

    Bourgoin Jallieu of France

    Bourgoin Jallieu is located in the center of the second biggest region  of France----Region Rhone-Alpes.  It is 40 kilometers away from Lyon—the second largest city in France. It is only 15 kilometers from Lyon International Airport. It takes 2 hours and a half by high-speed train from Pa...

  • DUBBO Region of Australia

    DUBBO Region of Australia

    Dubbo is located in the State of New South Wales, Australia. It is approximately 400 kilometers in a westerly direction inland from Sydney and located on what is referred to as the Western Plains – a vast rural area producing cattle, sheep, wheat and cotton. Dubbo has a population of 51,000 and the...

  • Chiba of Japan

    Chiba of Japan

    The City of Chiba was built on January 1st,1921 and became the 12th designated city approved by the Japanese Government on April 1st,1992. Chiba governs 6 districts. It covers an area of 272 km², with a population of 930,600. It is the capital city of Chiba Prefecture and political, economic and cu...

  • Hwasung of Korea

    Hwasung of Korea

    The County of Hwasung in Kyonggi-do in the Republic of Korea was upgraded to the City of Hwasung on Mar 21st,2001.The City of Hwasung is located in the southwest coastline of Kyonggi-do---the capital in the Midwest of Korea. It faces China—a vast country across the Yellow Sea and has a coastline of...

  • Uchinada of Japan

    Uchinada of Japan

    Uchinada is a small beach town located in the center of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It is only 10 kilometers away from the center of Kanazwwa Ishikawa City---the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture. As a town of south-north direction, it is 9 kilometers from south to north and 2.9 kilometers from west to...

  • Mogale of South Africa

    Mogale of South Africa

    Mogale City is situated in South Africa, at the southern most tip of the African Continent. It is located in western border of Gauteng, adjoining the Metropolitan City of Johannesburg and the eastern border of the North West Province. It is a multicultural city and a place to live and invest in. It ...

  • Marlboro of United States

    Marlboro of United States

    Marlboro Township of United States is located in the southeast of New Jersey, USA. It is a city within one hour traffic circle of New York—the metropolis and Philadelphia---the 5th largest city in US. It adjoins some major cities of New Jersey, including Newark and Trenton. It is over 50 kilometers...

  • South-West Pfalz District of Germany

    South-West Pfalz District of Germany

    South-West Pfalz is a district (Kreis or more precise Landkreis) situated  in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It Neighbors France in the south. Its total area is 953.76 km2 with a population of over 96,000 people. It consists of 7 large communities and 84 towns. The forest area of S...

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