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Cultural Heritages

· World Heritage

Wujiang, with a long history and propitious location, is rich in historical and cultural relics, three of which have been listed in the World Cultural Heritage List: the Tuisi Garden (the Retreat & Reflection Garden) in Tongli ancient town, the Wujiang section of the Grand Canal and the ancient towpath, and Song brocade.

· Intangible cultural heritage

Wujiang boasts a profound folk culture. Many of its folk dances, operas and ballads, and traditional arts and crafts have been listed as intangible cultural heritages at all levels. Luxu folk songs, Tongli Xuanjuan (an art form combining singing and storytelling) and Qidu puppet Kunqu opera are art forms typical of water towns. Panglong cake, Min cake, malt pancake, smoke-dried green soybean tea and Zhenze dark dried bean curd are famous snacks offering a special taste of local culture. Qingyun wooden comb making, Tongli paper-cutting and Taoyuan model ship building are crafts well known at home and abroad.

  • Luxu Folk Song

    Luxu Folk Song

    The Luxu folksong is a branch of Wu Ballad. It is found in Luxu town, villages around theFenhu Lake and areas bordering Shanghai and Zhejiang province.The Luxu folksong has a long history. There were records of its contents and singing tone...

  • Tongluo Yellow Wine Making

    Tongluo Yellow Wine Making

    Taoyuan town,the leading producer of Tongluo yellow wine, is known as the “First Yellow WineTown under Heaven”. As early as in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was famous forits rice wine, silk and honey. The wine culture of Tongluo community ...

  • Tongli Xuanjuan

    Tongli Xuanjuan

    Xuanjuan originatedfrom activities of preaching Buddhist scriptures in the Tang Dynasty. Itdeveloped into a folk art of singing and storytelling during the reign of QingEmperor Kangxi (1661-1722) and became popular in the Tongli-c...

  • Qidu Puppet Kunqu Opera

    Qidu Puppet Kunqu Opera

    Qidu puppetKunqu opera was born during the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty(1820-1850). It was first performed by the theatrical troupe “Gongji Baohetang”founded by the Yao family in Wuyue Village of Qidu town. The troupe, wh...

  • Customs of Sericulture

    Customs of Sericulture

    rtanteconomic pillar of Zhenze town and Shengze town. Local communities depended on silkwormbreeding for their livelihood. In order to have a good harvest, silkwormbreeders had a list of do’s and don’ts, which gradually became a series of...

  • Zhenze Dried Dark Bean Curd Making

    Zhenze Dried Dark Bean Curd Making

    Dark driedbean curd, a special local product of Zhenze town, has a history of over 300years. It became well-known in Wujiang and surrounding areas as early as duringthe reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1796). According to...

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