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District leaders attend tree planting activity

TIME : 2023-03-13    CLICK :

March 12 this year marks the 45thNational Tree Planting Day. On the morning of March 9, Li Ming, secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee,Wang Guorong, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang DistrictCommittee and district chief, Xu Xiaofeng, director of the Standing Committee of theWujiang District People’s Congress, Sheng Hongming, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the StandingCommittee of the Wujiang District People’s Congress,Wei Guoling, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang DistrictCommittee, and Wang Rong, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang DistrictCommittee and deputy district chief,participated in a volunteer tree planting activity at the Taihu New Town Sports Park.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the weather was warm. The district leaders were divided into small groups, being busy digging, plantingand watering. And after about an hour of hard work, more than 100 saplings of different types of trees were planted, adding vitality to the spring scenery of the park.

Afterwards, Li Ming and Wang Guorong walked along the shore of the Taihu Lake to inspect the growth of trees, the protection of wetlands, and the protection of water conservation forests.They learned in detail about the forestand wetland resources and the construction of natural reserves in WujiangDistrict. By the end of 2022, the district had a total forest area of 343,000 mu, with the forest coverage rate reaching 19.86%. According to the second National Wetland Resources Survey, the district has a total wetland area of 667,900 mu, including 328,600 muof natural wetlands. And 72.3%of its natural wetlandshave been placed under protectionand it has set up 4 natural reserves.

District leaders Tang Hao, Zhang Binggao, Li Wenbin, Qian Yu,and Ni Shaoxu participated in the activity.

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