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Meeting held to promote construction of industrial brains

TIME : 2024-05-31    CLICK :

At a meeting held on May 27, Wang Guorong, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee and district chief, heard the report on the progress Wujiang District has made in promoting the construction of industrial brains. He urged concerted efforts to accelerate the construction of industrial brains for elevator equipment and chemical fiber manufacturing, so as to give full support to the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of local enterprises.

Currently, the construction of the industrial brain for chemical fiber manufacturing is progressing in an orderly manner as planned. The feasible plan of the project has been approved after passing expert review. Meanwhile, preparation work is underway for the construction of the industrial brain for elevator equipment. Field researches are conducted in some representative elevator enterprises to get a better understanding of the pain points that hinder their development and help optimize the function design of the industrial brain. According to the plan, the Public Beta version of the industrial brain for elevator equipment will soon be released and officially delivered for use.

In the next step, Wujiang District will strengthen the construction of industrial brains. Continuous efforts will be made to further improve the functions and promote the upgrading of the platforms to help boost the high-quality development of the chemical fiber manufacturing and elevator equipment industries.

The meeting was presided over by Chen Qi.

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