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Li Ming urges efficiency in addressing public complaints

TIME : 2024-06-03    CLICK :

On May 28, Li Ming, secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee, visited the Wujiang District Dispute Mediation and Resolution Center to listen to people’s needs and help resolve the most pressing difficulties and problems which are of great concern to the people.

As regards the complaint about real estate registration, Li Ming asked in detail about the causes of the problem and urged local authorities and relevant departments to take effective measures to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Later, Li Ming listened to the complaint about the compensation for victims killed in work-related accidents. He learned in detail about the causes of the dispute and the wishes of the petitioners and worked with local officials to find solutions to the problem.

Work related to handling the public’s complaints and proposals is part of the Party’s mass work and the complaints and proposals collected from the people are expected to serve as a reference for the Party when it comes to policymaking in the social sector. Li Ming required local authorities and relevant departments to put people’s interests first and improve work efficiency in solving the thorniest issues facing the public, calling for continuous efforts to enable institutions handling the public’s complaints and proposals to better communicate with the people, so as to nip conflicts and disputes in the bud and safeguard social harmony and stability.

District leaders Chen Jianzhong and Yu Haicheng participated in the activity.

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