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Wang Guorong visits poor families on July 1

TIME : 2024-07-05    CLICK :

Wang Guorong, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee and district chief, led a team to visit poor families in Fenhu High-tech Zone (Lili Town)on July 1, the CPC Founding Day.

Wang Guorong and his entourage first paid a visit to the home of Cai Yongliang. The 80-year-old man, who is unmarried and has no children, cannot take care of himself in his daily life because of a stroke and has been living with his younger brother who also suffers from a stroke. Wang Guorong spoke highly of his brother’s wife for being a caregiver for years and asked her to pay attention to her own health, maintain an optimistic attitudetoward lifeand overcome difficulties.

Later, the team went to Yuandang Village to visit the home of Zhuang Tulin who is a retired village cadre and has a son without fixed income due to physical disability caused by a leg disease. Wang Guorong asked in detail about the health and living conditions of the old man.

During the visit, the district chief urged local authorities and relevant departments to pay visits to poor families on a regular basis to learn more about the difficulties that they may have in life. He stressed the need to implement supportive policies and measures and called for solid efforts to resolve the difficulties and problems that are of great concern to people living in difficulties, so as to bring the care and solicitude of the Party and the government to every one of them.

Chen Jianzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wujiang District Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Fenhu High-tech Zone, participated in the activity.

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