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Wujiang District holds meeting on development of foreign-funded enterprises

TIME : 2024-07-08    CLICK :

On July 2, Wujiang District held a special meeting on the development of foreign-funded enterprises. Government officials met with executives of enterprises to discuss ways of dealing with the difficulties faced by foreign-funded enterprises and enhancing support for stronger development of industries, so as to encourage the enterprises to boost confidence in development, optimize the business environment, and promote the high-quality economic development. Wang Guorong, deputy secretary of theCPC Wujiang District Committee and districtchief, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, after hearing the report on the district’s economic and social development in the first half of this year, representatives of enterprises such as Caterpillar, Dingjin Food, and Dayco Auto Parts gave introductions to their companies’ operation and development plans, put forward opinions and suggestions on optimizing the business environment, and expressed their confidence and determinationin becoming bigger and strongerin Wujiang. Officials from local authorities solved some problems presented by the enterprises on the spot and as regards those problems that couldn’t be solved at the meeting, the relevant departments promised to organize follow-up discussions.

Before the meeting, the participants from the enterprises visited Soochow University Future Campus to seek cooperation opportunities in such fields as scientific innovation and talent training.

District leaders Chen Jianzhong and Fang Yong attended the meeting.

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