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I. Choose a legal travel agency

When signing up for a tour, you can ask the travel agency to produce its travel agency business license issued by the tourism department and the business license issued by the administration for industry and commerce to check its business scope and qualifications.

II. Tips for signing up for tour

1. Choose a suitable travel itinerary;

2. Sign a travel contract with the travel agency and keep one original copy of the contract, the invoice for payment and the travel schedule;

3. Know other matters related to the tour such as the departure time and place, the name of the tour guide and his/her contact information;

4. Buy trusted travel insurance.

III. Notes on signing a travel contract

A travel contract should be concluded by reference to the model text issued by the former National Tourism Administration (now Ministry of Culture and Tourism). You are advised to use the electronic contract system on the National Tourism Supervision Service Platform. The contract shall state clearly the names of scenic spots and tour time, the arrangements for transportation, meals and accommodation, and the contents and prices of self-financed travel items among others.

VI. Tips for packing

Your ID card or passport; cash and credit cards; air/train tickets; medicine, food and drinks; a couple of changes of clothes; a mobile phone and its charger; a map.

V. What should you do if a dispute over the quality of service arises?

When a dispute over the quality of service arises between you and the travel agency, you are advised to first communicate with the persons in charge of the travel agency. If they fail to settle the dispute, you can complain to the tourism supervision department or the consumers association in the place where the travel agency is located. If the mediation fails or the mediation agreement is not fulfilled, you can turn to arbitration or litigation to solve the dispute.

VI. You can defend your rights pursuant to relevant laws in the following situations:

1. When the travel agency fails to perform the contract or provide products and services according to the agreement;

2. When the travel agency causes property damage or personal injury to you intentionally or accidentally;

6. After encountering cheating;

7. When the tour guide extorts tips or pockets kickbacks;

8. When there are other acts against your legitimate rights and interests.

VII. Ways of complaining

You can call the complaint phone number of the local tourism bureau or complain to the tourism supervision department in the place where the travel agency is located.

You may make a travel complaint by calling any of the following hotlines:

National Tourism Service Hotline: 12301

Jiangsu’s Tourism Complaint Hotline: 96519

Wujiang’s Citizen Hotline: 12345

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